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Crafting Eye-catching Book Cover Designs to Inspire You and Your Readers

It's not just about judging a book by its cover. Attractive book covers can persuade the readers to buy a book; that’s why it’s essential to a book’s success. Our expert designers at Amazon Publishing Pros know precisely how to design a book cover that sells!


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Stunning Book Covers that Will Stand Out!

Our skilled designers use their expertise to design the perfect cover to make your title stand out, which tells more about the story and attracts readers at first sight. With Amazon Publishing Pros, you’ll have a book cover that is always on the front shelves.


Amazon’s Premium Book Services

We offer a range of writing, editing, publishing and marketing solutions catered to your needs:

Not everyone’s cut out to write novels and books. Some of us struggle with the lack of time or motivation to put our thoughts into words, while others don't know where to begin. This is where professional creative writers come into play. Expert Amazon Publishing Pros writers are produce nothing short of best-sellers.

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Whether you are an internationally acclaimed author or just starting out, you need a professional to go through your manuscript. At Amazon Publishing Pros, our team of editors ensure your manuscript is error-free and ready to be published. We house genre and niche-specific experts who critically assess your work to identify areas of improvement and provide constructive feedback to help you become an accomplished author.

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Publishing a book properly is critical in order to succeed as an author. Sometimes, books don’t get the recognition they deserve if they aren’t published with all essential details in place. At Amazon Publishing Pros, we aim to provide the best possible reading experience to your target audience.

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Want your book to become one of the best-selling titles? Our experts at Amazon Publishing Pros make sure your marketing is done the right way so it never leaves the sight of its audience! Our ROI-focused marketing techniques ensure your title is never pushed to the back shelves.

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Amazon Publishing Pros is one of the best publishing agencies, specializing in all genres, formats and publishing platforms, particularly Amazon. By assisting thousands of fiction writers to become documented authors, our book publishing agents have a reputation for delivering quality services.

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We have successfully completed many projects of varying scope and magnitudes.our clients range from working professionals,and industry experts to small and large scale corporations.Below are a few books that we have written and published for our clients:

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The printing cost of the book depends on the following factors.
Page quality
Content color
Number of pages
Binding type
Number of copies ordered

What will be the author’s share when books will be sold?

Yes, the author has holds 100% film rights for her/his work. But you must notify us the detailed good news to spread socially. That is it. No commission.

The author will hold the copyrights in all cases.

In approximately 7 to 14 days, from the time we have the computer typed manuscript, your written (or email) approval for print and the verified payment with us. However, some of the distribution channels may take longer time, but the book will be available in our store within time, with guarantee.

Interested in Collaboration?

Challenge us.We want to work with you to create the really cool stuff.

Got a book inside you but not sure how to make it happen? We’re here to help. Amazon Publishing Pros is one of the most successful platforms for self-publishing authors. From writing, designing, publishing to distribution – we take care of everything. Becoming an accomplished author has never been easier!


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